Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Wouldn't Mind Turning Into a Vermillion Goldfish - Matisse

Henri Matisse is the perfect artist to introduce to young children.  His colors are joyful and bright and his subjects, although somewhat abstract, are familiar to children.  What child hasn't wanted another goldfish?

Redfish  1911

His still life paintings are ordinarily wonderful.....peaches, oranges, blue tablecloths, vases.

Peaches  1920

Blue Tablecloth  1909

Still Life with Vase, Bottle, and Fruit   1903

When Matisse got older and was ill, he couldn't stand up for long periods of time to paint.  He began to cut out shapes from paper.  He called it "drawing with scissors."  Jane O'Connor has written a wonderful book entitled, DRAWING WITH SCISSORS, which presents the Matisse story in the form of a book report written by a schoolgirl.  The book is perfect for the 5 and up crowd.  Enjoy the fun text and added illustrations!



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