Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Line is A Dot That Went For A Walk --Paul Klee

The first painting I ever saw was Paul Klee's "Harmony in Squares".  The painting was on the cover of an art book my mother had ordered in the mail.  When the box arrived she slowly pulled out the book revealing rows and rows of color and geometry....I was six years old and it was love at first sight. Klee's work was imprinted on my heart from that moment, as was the love of art in general. 

Harmony in Squares

There are lots of experts out there telling us the importance of "EXPOSING" our children to the great masters of art.  They claim this exposure will "assist in social progression"(??), "incease their intellectual skills", and, of course, "improve their confidence level"........maybe it's an American has to be a means to an end? 

Bottom's UP!

I want to recommend a book for all you moms and dads who love art and want to share it with your children--  A CHILD'S BOOK OF PLAY IN ART by Lucy Micklethwait.  The book is not currently in print but you can get it from second-hand dealers.  

The art reproductions are excellent and the chapter titles are set up in a great interactive favorite chapters are.....

"How Do They Taste?"...



"Make Up A Story"......

The bare-legged soldier

"What Will We Do Next?".....

run in the park

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  1. What a great suggestion! I'm going to try to find this book to share it with my little A!