Friday, September 30, 2011

Remember When You Felt Like You Earned TGIF?

Does anybody else feel like Friday comes every two days or so?  I remember when K1 and 2 were babies the week dragged on and on and Friday was so long in coming.  Now the week flies by AND the weekend too, unfortunately.  Guess I am just gettin' old...or soundin' like it!  Here is a wonderful book...a slow book you can read to your little ones and maybe it will put the brakes on the time machine for a while...

 This is a newer edition of the book from the 1970's.  The story is about a boy named Thomas who is shy and has just moved to a new neighborhood.  He has trouble making new friends and fitting in. His mom gently encourages him to accept the friendship that is offered to him, but does not push him before he is ready.  It has a wonderful ending where Thomas puts on a tiger costume for Halloween and steps off his stoop and feels brave. I love how the author lets Thomas take his time!  

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