Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where's My Iron?

It's one of those chilly, rainy days in NJ where one's mind turns to all of that neglected housework, especially ironing....we'll maybe.....if I could find my iron.  Last time I saw my ironing board it looked like a roller coaster=very warped.  I must admit two of my kids asked me the other day what an iron was...BAD MOM MOMENT...but very funny all the same.  While my grandma used an iron as a doorstop (a cast-iron iron), my mom was a BIG ironer (sp?).  I practically grew up under the ironing board (BAD MOM MOMENT FOR MY MOM)...with the iron sizzling overhead...and the smell of spray starch filling the room.  Maybe I can convince myself that my lunch guests like wobbly linens?   Or I can just keep blaming the kids..."I have NO time with all these kids!"  Maybe these amazing paintings will inspire me to search harder for the hardware.....enjoy!

David McCosh,   WOMAN IRONING,  1931

Degas,   WOMAN IRONING,   1887

This is more like it.......

Picasso,   WOMAN IRONING,   1904

Or Best of All...Hang That Laundry and Go Out With Your Friends.....

John Sloan,   WOMEN DRYING THEIR HAIR,   1912

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