Friday, October 7, 2011

Baking With Babies

Making sure the sugar is just right....
I've been baking with my kids for many years and have enjoyed it most of the time. Once you get over the fact that there is going to be a REALLY big mess when you are done, you can relax and have some fun.  Here are some tips...sanity tips...

*Have all your ingredients out and measured BEFORE you even mention that it is baking time.

*I usually divide tasks based on age.  My youngest will get to mix the dry ingredients and the older kids can wisk and/or blend the dry and wet ingredients. 

*It probably goes without saying that you should pick a recipe that most of your kids will want to try when they are done.  Chocolate chip cookies make everyone happy.

*Always set out at least two more eggs than the recipe calls for as they may end up on the floor. (Very often the recipe asks for eggs and butter at room temperature). CHILDREN LOVE TO CRACK EGGS and they are very BAD at it!  Have them crack them over a separate bowl so you won't have to fish for egg shells in your batter or dough.

*I usually work on my kitchen counter near the sink so all messes can go straight in the sink. It helps to have a dishtowel open on the counter where all baking tools stay.

*If you are making cookies,have the kids use an ice-cream scoop to form the cookies. (My kids love this part).

*Finally, have a fun activity to do while the culinary work of art is in the oven and while it is cooling.

*Enjoy the time with your little ones!  Here's a great quote:  

Laughter is the sensation of feeling good
all over and showing it principally in 
one place.

-Josh Billings

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