Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Farm Sold Today

my great-great grandma holding my great-grandma on farm in Ohio (pardon the pin-holes in the heads...)
The Ohio farm my mom grew up on and my mom's family has farmed for over 100 years was sold today. I never thought of myself as a farm girl, but I loved having that connection with the land and with people who had real red-necks from their labor. I remember when my mom's uncles would visit us, I was amazed at their hands!  They were huge and very tan and looked like wood carvings...very beautiful in many ways.  The farmers at our farmers' market have the same hands. Oh well, I am a terrible gardener/farmer.  We tried farming a plot here in NJ for 3 years and it was a many weeds and pests!  Makes you happy to walk into Whole Foods and helps you to appreciate the amazing farmers who grow our food!

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