Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Dog's Favorite Snack Is Homework -unknown

Actually, my dog's favorite snack when I was a kid was my math book(I was grateful)...and my new top-sider shoes(not happy). We don't have a dog or any pet that could be blamed for missing homework now. My kids usually blame one another or the cleaning ladies...anyone who is NOT in the room at the time.  

the dreaded math homework
In the midwest, we didn't have much homework until high school, but my husband, who grew up in the NYC area had quite a bit.  Fortunately, we agree that the least amount of homework is probably the best. ( We know MANY parents who disagree!)

k6 needs to move to think
With the younger kids, we try to provide the right homework "incentives"..quiet room, snacks,...with-holding electronic know the whole story...

k5 needs LOTS of space and snacks
k7 loves to "read" alone

It is harder to monitor The Teen Boys.  They assure me that ALL their work was finished in study hall at school...?mmm...all? Especially on the days when the Devils are playing? far, the grades prove they have been studying!

teen boy studying ...not mine, but could be...

What incentives do you use to get your kids to study?                      

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  1. These pictures make me smile. I remember high school homework days -- awful. So glad I'm not in high school anymore. Math was the worse subject ever for me. Needed lots of soothing music (still do) to get through work. Ahh... memories.