Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekends Are Never Long Enough...

I had a wonderful weekend with the man of my dreams.

man of my dreams at the MOMA

Michael and I went into the city to see the De Kooning exhibit at the MOMA. 

de Kooning,  Excavation,  1950

The show was interesting.  Lots of large works and the space was well suited.  We had lunch in the museum cafe and shared a table with an older woman artist and fashion designer from the 1970's...great conversation.  Then we REALLY enjoyed another exhibit called, SUM OF DAYS, by the Brazilian artist Carlito Carvalhosa.  

sum of days

The artist had a several story high translucent,white fabric installed and created a maze-like structure for the visitors to walk through.  There were also microphones hanging throughout the exhibit...not quite sure what they were about. It was very fun to walk through and to photograph.  Lots to ponder about life and the people who pass you by...

pink shoes
looking up
girl with pink bag



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