Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are Four Eyes Better Than Four Hands?

I was thinking about the quote I posted earlier and about where I would put those two or more extra hands I need everyday...hmm...could be awkward in terms of fashion! Obviously, where there is a hand there is an arm.  In our parents' day, the extra hands came from extended family. 

Dad looks a bit grumpy being surrounded by so many women!

I love this photo of my dad as a baby being held by his grandmother.  The older lady in the center is my dad's great-grandmother and his mother is on the right.  Now that's the help I need!  Unfortunately, my family lives far is the case of a lot of people today.
That's where au pairs and other babysitters are invaluable!  Well...anyway...back to the question of four eyes...and I don't mean these...

four eyes?

Wouldn't it be great to really have eyes on the back of your kids already think I do!

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