Friday, September 14, 2012

can't believe the weekend is has been an insanely busy week getting the kids off to school and I can't wait to chill out in the only way a mom being insanely busy doing what I want to do!

emma sent a recipe for this amazing chocolate cake....check out the ingredients...michael will be happy  when this is baked...(emma, daddy misses your baking and andrew says he's glad you're not here to bake because he has no self-control)

once this beauty is on my bike, Michael and I will make that 40+ mile ride Sunday, a ride Michael does not know about yet....please God don't let it rain!

this is not one of my kids, but I think the image is hilarious!  and while the weather is still can make your own silly putty outside following this silly video

mothers casting chill spell on their children

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