Saturday, September 17, 2011

TV. If Kids Are Entertained by Two Letters, Imagine the Fun They'll Have with Twenty-six!

We probably have over a thousand books for kids in our house.  You can imagine 20+ years of bedtime reading and quiet time (the baby is sleeping) reading has added up to quite a library.  Each child has his or her preferences.  When she was little, our eldest loved "dictionary" books with lots of pictures and information about everything.  Our second child loved fairy tales and mystery books.  The boys (three in a row) preferred typical boy books about insects, dinosaurs and things that move.  Our last two love "relationship" books.(It couldn't be because they have soooo many people to "relate" to?)  Last night I read a lovely "relationship" book to my youngest by Ezra Jack Keats, A LETTER TO AMY.


Ezra Jack Keates is one of my favorite children's authors.  His themes are so personal and his illustrations are simply perfect.  If you haven't read SNOWY DAY or PETER'S CHAIR yet, stop by the library and pick up copies and enjoy!

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