Monday, December 19, 2011

Switching Gears

Michael and I were planning to go into the city yesterday...but we needed a quiet get-away and headed west instead to Pennsylvania to look for some family history.  I guess you know things aren't good when you find a sign that calls your ancestors a "gang"...

yes... there are some really BLACK sheep in my family
Most of the Doan family were peace-loving Quakers in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, but some of them went to the dark side.  We visited the Friends cemetery and found family graves from the late 1700's...and the outlaw members of the family were buried outside the wall.

outside the cemetery wall

Meeting House doors

looking into the Meeting House window



  An amusing of the outlaw Doan men saw Washington preparing to cross the Delaware and raced ahead to Trenton and asked to speak to the officer in charge to warn him, but the officer was too busy playing cards.  Doan slipped him a note, which he put into his pocket and did not read until it was too late! I feel a bit uneasy when I see that amazing painting of Washington crossing the Delaware!

beautiful stained glass via flicker by sheena

Down the road from the Doan place was a beautiful shrine to Our Lady of Czestochowa.  Michael is polish and we really enjoyed the visit and ate amazing polish food.  It felt like we had traveled to Europe.  So on the same  road in Pennsylvania we went from my outlaw Quaker relatives to Michael's polish clan...very fun and unplanned!

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